Normal Service Will Be Resumed...

...with a vengeance once I find the cable for my camera.  It's annoying as I have at least two so one is always where my camera is, or at least that's the plan.

I have also been pretty busy changing jobs and doing all the peripheral stuff that comes with that.

So busy that I had totally failed to notice the upcoming FNSI and now, as I've made other totally pleasant plans, I won't be able to participate for the second month in a row.  But if you're interested in finding out what it's all about then click this link

Handmade by Heidi

Hopefully that worked and hopefully I'll remember the simple way of doing it.

Anyways whilst remembering (and being too chicken to post another button linky thing) if you're a UK quilter then you may want to look in on Lily's Quilts Brit Quilt group (button over there -----> somewhere, the cool union flag one...that's it you know you want to find out more) designed to give us British quilters somewhere to virtually meet up and chat. <Looks embarassed> I have signed up quite early on but due to earlier excuses I haven't got round to having a good nosey and joining the fun but I keep reading good things about it so will be making regular visits in future.

Right enough apologetic blogging, watch out for the re-emergence of posts over the weekend I have plenty to share.