I'm Back

I'm back from what I think is my laziest and most relaxing holiday ever. Mornings were spent in the local markets or towns, afternoons on the beach or by the pool (too cold to go in!) and then we played card games or rummikub in the evenings after dinner.  Wonderful and exactly the type of holiday I had in mind.  Got plenty of reading done but didn't take any crafts with me; also forgot to take any pictures.

And this week my sister has been visiting and we spent a day going round some London museums.  The Museum of London was fascinating; the Science Museum had its good bits but was somewhat too warm (maybe due to the unseasonal heat wave but still unpleasantly airless and sticky) and a surprising number of exhibits were run down or not working (those that were hands on).

Whilst in London we came across what we thought was a novel way of window cleaning...

Maybe a little tricky to see on the original, here's a blow up of the bottom of the picture...

Still not great but hopefully you can see the two guys abseiling whilst window cleaning; they picked a nice day for it.