Postcards from Sweden

Not the quilt. My boyfriend and I have just come back from a four day break in Stockholm and it was amazing.

Day One - Wandering around Stockholm

Day 2 - Royal Park and museums

Day 2 again - The Warship Vasa, the main reason for our visit

Day 3 - The National museum and Kannebulle

Day 4 - Wandering around Stockholm, History Museum and Princesstarte

We packed a lot into our visit - four museums, three restaurants, two bars and about 40km of walking. A lovely city I would happily visit again.


Lin said…
It looks beautiful - I especially love your pictures of the warship. xx
Raewyn said…
It sounds like a wonderful time away...gorgeous photos!
Bethan said…
Looks like you both had a great time - look forward to hearing more about it x