Christmas Baking

The fruit for our Christmas cakes has been soaking for several weeks and there was no need to put the central heating on during the day (we have a range cooker which runs our central heating, it rises to above the temperature I needed to bake at when the heating is on and can't easily be lowered) so today seemed the ideal day to bake the cakes.

I had decided to bake two cakes as we're visiting over Xmas, in future I won't try and mix both cakes at the same time!

All these eggs went into the mixture.

The completed mixture ready to be split between two tins. A slight delay was caused by needing to find the base of a tin and then fiddling round lining the tin. 

All worth it though...

These two are sitting on the kitchen side cooling prior to being given their first brandy feed.  Decorating is planned for the Thursday before Xmas.

The recipe I use is Ruth Clemens' from The Pink Whisk which can be found HERE

And just in case anyone is wondering I haven't finished the sock, although I have turned the heel.