Great British Sewing Bee Live

An excursion to London Town today with my sister to investigate the Great British Sewing Bee Live  at the Excel.

We really weren't sure what to expect given that the only major crafty event we have ever been to is the Festival of Quilts, although we had realised we were unlikely to see any quilts (we were wrong there was the odd one on some of the stall holders stands). It was quite evident from the start that the emphasis was on the paid for talks and workshops and the stalls.  

I definitely can't complain about the stalls - lots of fabrics (which I resisted), less clothes patterns than I expected (which I didn't resist) and some interesting ideas, such as make-your-own lampshade kits and a 3m free motion  quilting frame which will definitely receive some exceptionally serious consideration.

There was a couple of interesting galleries.  One consisting of garments made during various seasons of the Great British Sewing Bee...

These garments were all made by contestants from the fourth season - Rumana, Joyce and Angelique.

There was also a gallery of vintage clothes made from Liberty fabrics...

A very small sample of what was on display.

As we didn't have tickets for the talks or the workshops we had a bit of time left to go and visit the Science Museum, always a fascinating experience since its recent overhaul.  We did search for Tim Peake's space module but apparently it's on tour and currently in Bradford,  luckily the Apollo 10 Command Module hadn't gone wandering...

And if anyone is interested here are the sewing patterns, which I sharing with my sister...

I've never made a garments before so I may be bring somewhat optimistic assessing myself as an adventurous beginner. I'll let you know.

And no knitting was done on the train!


Maria said…
Lots of interesting dresses.. Good luck with your sewing.
How is your UFO list going?
Did you get the huge weeding quilt done?