Friday-ish Night Sew-ish In

Well after the two hour commute home last night I was just too tired to sew, FNSI or not.  So I postponed my FNSI efforts until tonight (Saturday).

To tell the truth no sewing happened on Saturday either.  I decided that my most pressing project was the quilt/banner for my brother's wedding. So I spent the majority of my evening designing templates for the appliqué letters whilst watching Hunger Games.

I never realised how tricky designing these letters would be, although I think I've pretty much got the simple letters sorted.  The letter G is flummoxing me a little, and I'm trying to avoid thinking about &!

I also squeezed in a few slow rows of knitting...

May actually get a sock finished this year!

So not a traditional FNSI but a very productive one in its way.


Any little bit helps and designing those letters would have taken quite a bit of time and concentration to do. Love the wool you're using for your knitting, what ply is it? :) Barb.
Anonymous said…
Your banner will look fantastic I am sure and I love the colour of your wool.xx
Josie said…
Ooooo... I love sock knitting but I had to stop when I reached 17 pairs.... they are all still waiting to have their toes grafted! :o))
I think you are very brave making a banner.... some letters really are troublesome. Good luck... have fun....xx
retdairyqueen said…
Better late than never
Love hand knitted socks Look forward to seeing them finished
sunny said…
What pretty yarn you're knitting with! I'd like to learn to knit, but I have too many hobbies for now.