Reappearing Blogger...Disappearing Nine Patch

Wow! Work, house selling, studying and general life have really got in the way of my crafting.  I've done bits and pieces but nothing major (or finished) hopefully I can change that over the next few months.

And for a start let me present about 4 hours work on what is destined to be a Disappearing Nine Patch quilt for my cousin's newborn son:

The fabric is a Moda layer cake in Mind Your Ps and Qs by Keiki,  who is the designer of the fabric I used for his sister's quilt.  Its been really hard to find suitable quilt fabric for a baby boy (not helped by some that went missing in the post!).  If my maths is correct I should have enough of the layer cake left (bar a 5 inch square) to back the quilt as well.