Review of 2012 goals

Well, a little late, but I've been looking back on last years goals to see how I did...

1.  Finish the hand sewn quilt for my brother (if we could find it I'd also like to finish my sister's one too it only needs backing and quilting. Absolutely no where near on these ones!

2.  Have less WIPs at the end of 2012 than I have at the start (I'll have a count up later). I never did count up, but I've definitely not added to the list and I'm being stricter on finishing before I start anything else.

3.  Run the Great South Run in less than 2hrs (this should be possible but I seem to get worse each year). Just a minute off on this one - on the plus side that was about 15 mins faster than I managed the year before - looks like I'll be.

4.  Loose weight (ideally 28lbs - its amazing how quickly I gained that amount). Although I didn't actually start until May I have surpassed this one - 35lbs lost at last count and still going.

5.  Keep up with the Debbie Abrahams Mystery Blanket.  Nope.

6.  Have less unread 'real' books than I have now (I'll have a count up later its somewhere in the region of 20!)  I'm a hopeless bibliophile what can I say!

Well not a particularly good effort on meeting my goals.  I think I may set some more this year (they may be very similar to last year's though) but maybe review them more often to keep myself on track.