Unexpectedly Green Fingers

I enjoy having a plant or two around the house, usually one I've managed to pick up cheaply as I seem to have an ability to kill them easily.

For a change I thought I'd try growing a chilli pepper plant as I have a warm and relatively sunny room for it to live in and so one got lugged back from town in my tote bag and dumped in a mug on my window sill.

It quickly became apparent that it needed repotting, even though flowering happily, so a trip in the car to a friend's house to get necessary supplies saw it repotted and in a tiny bucket on my window sill. What has surprised me after my somewhat neglectful care (and several trips in the car to be plant sat whilst I was on holiday) is that not only has the plant grown and still got all its leaves, but it is also flowering away merrily and producing several chillies.

Unfortunately I have finally got round to reading the care label you can see in the phot which advises a 10 inch diameter pot for this plant at initial repotting (I though you had to increase pot size gradually but not in this case it seems). So another trip in the car is planned for the plant to get it more soil and a significantly larger pot. Fingers crossed its still doing as well after the journey.

Now all I have to do is to figure out how to tell when the chillies are ready!