Summer Hols - Part One

Had a week off work last week and instead of spending it crafting (which considering my UFOs may have been a good and cheap option) I went on a short camping trip in Devon with my sister.

First holiday excitements were getting all the necessary camping gear into my mini and then managing to put up the tent without any 'incidents' between me and my sister.

Although a very serviceable tent (as proven during a rainstorm) we decided to spend the first evening in the nearby picturesque town of Dartmouth.

where we quickly learnt two things:

1. Not many restaurants in this tourist haven open on a Monday and those that do don't open before 7pm.

2. There are still many places that don't accept card payments.

Once we'd got over those lessons we had a very tasty and large meal in a pleasant restaurant.

Next day was spent doing damage to our spending money in a craft centre in a large hall in the quaint village of Cockington, which also served huge Devon cream teas (large portions seem to be a Devonian trait!).  And then off to the hippyish town of Totnes for the afternoon.  By this time the English summer had arrived and we were treated to a grey drizzly afternoon so unfortunately no pictures to share.