A Wonderfully Productive Weekend

After a relatively slow start at the FNSI I have been on a roll this weekend.  The final class for my log cabin quilt at Nimble Thimble saw me trying out my quilting skills for the very first time.  It went ok except my machine doesn't like sewing for long periods of time and the tension goes weird and the stitching on the underside is all loopy.  I only realised this had happened on my quiltonce I had done a fair amount of quilting so first job today was unpicking that.  Still got some to do.

Work in progress
(Where you can just about make out the quilting lines - sorry about the colours,energy saving bulbs and a flat camera battery)
(Look closely at the centre)

I've even managed to put a small dent in Ganny's Xmas quilt, make 16 Xmas muffins and get loads of sleep.  A very productive weekend I'd say.


Scotland Trio said…
Definitely productive. Squidget Midget
Scotland Trio said…
Is the quilt thrown over your leather sofa?
Vicki said…
Yes - don't you think it makes an excellent quilt display thingy!